Makalo Mofokeng biography AKA Uncle Tshepo on Muvhango.

Makalo Mofokeng
Makalo Mofokeng

Makalo Mofokeng was born April 11 1961. He was best known as Uncle Tshepo from Muvhango.

Biography profile history.

Name: Makalo Mofokeng

Born: 11 April 1961

Age: 63 years old (2024)

From: Johannesburg, Gauteng

Nationality: South African

Occupation: Actor

Gender: Male

Known as: Uncle Tshepo from Muvhango.

Personal life history

Makalo Mofokeng is a South African Actor who was born 11 April 1961. As of the year 2023, he is 63 years old. His hometown is Johannesburg, Gauteng and currently he resides there in Johannesburg. Mofokeng was best known for his character on Muvhango as Uncle Tshepo. He went to Moxollisi High School and studied his higher education at Carnerg Mellon University PA.
In terms of work, he worked at Creative Intensions cc.

Makalo acting career journey

He appeared in Generations season 1 as Hlomla Nomvete. Other television roles he acted includes Greed and Desire Season 1 as Motsamai, Intersexions Season 1 as Isaac, The Wild as Mr Khumalo and The Station Season 1 as Mafisa. Also he acted on Muvhango as Uncle Tshepo Mokoena and Scandal Season 1 as Moruti Mareka. Most people recognized him as Tshepo from Muvhango.

Makalo Mofokeng
Makalo Mofokeng

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Currently he is back on Scandal acting as Seipati’s Father. The storyline came up after Seipati told her lover Lerumo that she stole Lobola money for her Sister. She then ran away so thats why Seipati didn’t want to go back to see his family. Lerumo managed to convince her to meet her family. Upon arrive they discovered that Seipati’s mother passed away. Both the Sister and Father( Makalo Mofokeng) were still angry about what Seipati did. Seipati’s sister chased them away before they could ask for forgiveness.
As viewer keep watching we will see Seipati’s Father forgives her but her Sister remain adamant to forgive her. The Father ( Makalo Mofokeng) will then approve their marriage between Seipati and Lerumo.

Makalo Mofokeng

Television Roles

Generations – Season 1, Hlomla Nomvete

Greed & Desire – Season 1, Motsamai

Intersexions – Season 1, Isaac

Muvhango – Season 1, Tshepo Mokoena

Scandal! – Season 1, Moruti Mareka

The Station – Season 1, Mafisa

The Wild – Season 1, Mr Khumalo