Nelisiwe Sibiya

Nelisiwe Sibiya used to message people to pay for her school fees.

Nelisiwe Sibiya
Nelisiwe Sibiya AKA Dr Mbali Mthetwa on Durban Gen

Nelisiwe Sibiya AKA Dr Mbali Mthetwa shared some messages she used to send begging for School fees.

Nelisiwe Sibiya who is well known for acting on Durban Gen is now an Actress. She shared so much information about her struggle on social media. Its unbelievable that she used to sleep in the bathroom while working to raise money for her school.

Until now she keep sharing information about her struggle on social media. It was not easy for her to be where she is.

Here is the message she sent 8 years ago begging someone to help her with school fees. Unfortunately she didn’t get any response and the message was not seen. Now that she is a celebrity she is also those dms but doesn’t have money to help. She pray that her foundation get successful so she can help other students.

Nelisiwe Sibiya

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Nelisiwe Sibiya
Her screen shot of her message she sent

“This is what i sent 8 years ago asking for help with my fees. This just made me so emotional # .Ag it’s been so hard ey, and the thought that the same dms i used to send to people 8 years ago asking for help with my fees i am now getting them, young people dm me asking for help with their fees”

“I get so hurt because at this point i won’t be able to help anyone with their fees as much as i wish @P as i know how hard it is to be in that situation.

Oh Lord i really pray my foundation do well so that i can help students reach their goals. I  mean! ama Ndlunkulu, a mother to the national and i must do it and doitwell.

Oh by the way this dm was never even seen or got any response after sending it to her and probably other 5000 people.

I Never got help and i ended up working at night at a club as a dancer and did whole lot of promotions same time I was a full time student, ngapha  i was taking care of my family… weh ai shame. At the end i was able to pay my fees.

Note that and i understand now why i never got any response. They probably got more than 2k dms from other students too. “