South African celebrities who passed away in 2023.

Death is separating us from our favourite celebrities. So far since 2023, we lost almost 10 celebrities. Let’s look which celebrities who passed away as of 2023.

South African celebrities who passed away in 2023.


Patrick Ndlovu

Patrick Ndlovu, a veteran South African actor who has graced our television screens for almost four decades, died on March 31, 2023, at the age of 85.
He was most known for his appearances in “Zone 14” as Ntate Moloi and as Mr Thembu, the school principle in “Yizo Yizo,” one of the country’s most contentious and absorbing dramas.


Eusebius Mckaiser

Eusebius Mckaiser, a well-known political commentator, presenter, and former Mail & Guardian columnist, died unexpectedly on Tuesday at the age of 45.
McKaiser was a renowned radio talk show host, debate coach, master of ceremonies, and notable public speaker who was a South African national debate champion and the 2011 World Masters Debate Champion.


Marietjie Bothma

Marietjie Bothma, a well-known South African TV personality, radio broadcaster, and comedian, passed away on Monday, May 29, 2023, after a long illness.

She captured many people’s hearts with her fluency in Zulu and other South African languages, and she won the nation’s hearts when she appeared in a pie commercial. She appeared in several of Mzansi’s most popular soap operas and delivered an address during former President Jacob Zuma’s inauguration.

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Gloria Bosman

Gloria Bosman was a South African jazz singer who began her career singing in a church choir in Soweto. She passed away 14 March 2023 after a short illness. According to other reports she died of respiratory problem.

Costa Titch

On March 11, the 28-year-old rapper died unexpectedly after falling during the Ultra Music Festival at the Nasrec Expo Centre. It was reported that he died of epilepsy. His family had a private funeral for him a few days later, and his life was commemorated in public memorial services in Johannesburg and Mpumalanga, his home province.

Mark Pilgrim

Mark Pilgrim, a veteran radio and television host, died in March 2023 after a battle with stage four lung cancer. He was 53.
Pilgrim was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer in March 2022, which had progressed to his femur, the base of his spine, and lymph nodes by the time he reported it in June.

Tebello Motsoane

Tebello Motsoane passed away after gunned down together with his friend AKA. He passed away on 10 February 2023. The famous chef died at the spot. His family were devastated at his passing. They seek answers but couldn’t find.


AKA was the famous South African musician. He was shot dead together with his friend Tebello Motsoane on 10 February 2023. According to the reports he was shot and died at the spot. The whole country and his family was devastated at his passing.

Vusi MaR5

Vusi Ma R5 was a well-known Pretoria musician who contributed to the rise and popularity of Barcardi music.
Vusi Ma R5 was assassinated outside of Legentsheng in Soshanguve. He was declared dead on the scene.

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