What transpired to the killing of Zimbabwean man, Elvis Nyati?

Diepsloot community

What happened to the killing of Elvis Nyathi, a Zimbabwean man in Diepsloot?

Diepsloot news about murder of Elvis Nyathi

What happened is that, on Thursday night, a man was killed in Diepsloot. The man was identified as Elvis Nyathi, a Zimbabwean. The killers were part of the protest that took place Diepsloot, who protested about poor service delivery and criminality in their community.

Who was Elvis Nyathi, murdered in Diepsloot ?

Elvis Nyathi is Zimbabwean, age 43 years old. He was staying in Diepsloot with his wife and kids. The deceased had 4 kids and smaller one is 13 years old. Elvis stayed in South Africa for almost 6 years. He was working as gardener. Unfortunately, he died after a mob justice that took place in Diepsloot.

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What happened to a Zimbabwean man killed in Diepsloot.?

On Thursday, a group of people from Diepsloot community were going around, door to door asking foreigners for their passport. So the group reached were Elvis Nyathi live, before they entered into his house, Elvis ran away. The group chased him away until they catch him. They asked him why he was running away. There was no information how he responded to them. They entered his house searching for gun, its because they thought since he ran away he has a gun. After the search they couldn’t find anything. Surprisingly, they took to the street were they assaulted him with iron sticks, stones and hammers. After being bitten, they burnt him.

The wife of the deceased was so distressed with whole situation. Left with the kids to take off since the breadwinner was killed. Even the family are also heartbroken by the killing of their relative.

South Africans has been angry about illegal immigrants in the country working without documents. It got to the extend that they accused foreigners of crime and working here illegally.