Ernest Ndlovu

Ernest Phosa Ndlovu biograghy AKA Zechariah on House of Zwide.

Ernest Ndlovu
Ernest Ndlovu

Ernest Phosa Ndlovu biography who is currently known as Zechariah on House of Zwide.

Name: Ernest Phosa Ndlovu

Born: 20 February 1954

Birth place: Tsholotsho, Bulawayo, Zimbabwe

Occupation: Actor

Nationality: Zimbabwean

Residence: South Africa

Personal life history.

Ernest Phosa Ndlovu is a Zimbabwean born resides in South Africa. He was born on 20 February 1954 which means this year 2021, he is 67 years old. As a Zimbabwean, he is from Tsholotsho, Bulawayo Zimbabwe. Another name for him is Ngwebedla which he was potraying on Isibaya. Acting as a villain on Isibaya, most people thought that was his character in real life.

Career Journey

He was starred in 1997 classic with American stars like Ice Cubes and Viny Rhames. In the movie Ice Cube was potraying a character as Madlazi and Viny Rhames as Muki. So Ernest Ndlovhu was a right man hand for Muki. He also appeared on one of Zimbabwean drama Amakorokoza. Again he was populary known for his character as Ngwebedla on Isibaya. Just because of his character as Ngwebedla, people thought thats how he is in real life. Talking to Sunday news, one of his colleagues whom he acted with defended him about his character as Ngwebedla. She said that it’s normal for people to feel that way. It’s because when they act they possess the actual character of a person which makes it so real.

Ernest Ndlovu

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Currently this year 2021, he is acting as Zechariah on House of Zwide. He is potraying a character as Funani Zwide’s Father. A very stubborn father who just want to be respected. Him and his son can’t get along due to the pride within them. We don’t know how long the character of Zechariah is going appear on our screen but most people like him. On the soapie he appeared with his wife Ma Zwide.

Ernest Ndlovu

The Films Ernest acted on

He appeared in some of South African films such as Primeval, Dark City, Rutanga Tapes, The Fourth Reich, A Dry White Season, The Endangered, Ipi Tombi, Beat the Drum, I Dreamed of Africa, African Story, Whiskey Echo and Lethal Force.

The Series he acted on

He has acted in numerous television series including Egoli, African Skies, Going Up, Tarzan: The Epic Adventures, Justice for All, Home Affairs, Sokhulu and Partners, Angel, Okavango, Rhodes, Soul City, Madam & Eve, Charlie Jade, Scandal!, Izingane zoBaba and Crusoe.