Fundiswa Ngcobo

Fundiswa Ngcobo AKA Winnie from Scandal.

Fundiswa Ngcobo
Fundiswa Ngcobo

Fundiswa was born on the 17th of June 1994. Her biography: age, date of birth, married, and career.

Biography profile of Winnie from Scandal

Name: Fundiswa Ngcobo

Born: 17 June 1994

Age: 28 years old as of 2022

From: Pietermatizburg, KwaZulu Natal in South Africa

Occupation: Actress, Script Writer and Poet

Nationality: South African

Gender: Female

Known as: Winnie on Scandal

Personal life history of Winnie from Scandal

Winnie from Scandal real name is Fundiswa Ngcobo. The actress is a South African Actress, Script Writer and Poet. She was born 17 June in Pietermatizburg, KwaZulu Natal in South Africa. Although she is from Pietermatizburg, she moved to Johannesburg to pursue her career.

Educational background

Silverton Heights Secondary school is where she obtained her matric. After she passed her matric, she decided to study Art at Creative Arts College. Also she studied Hospitality Management at International Hotel School. At the international Hotel school, she obtained her qualifications in Hospitality Management, which enable her to get a job at Radisson Red Hotel in Johannesburg.

Fundiswa Ngcobo

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Fundiswa Ngcobo’s Career journey in acting

She first acted in a theatre drama called Jabulani South Africa, playing a supporting role. Her first appearance on Tv was on Uzalo where she played a supporting role. Also another role she played a supporting role was on Zollywood. In 2021, December 24, she appeared on Scandal as Winnie.

Fundiswa Ngcobo
Fundiswa Ngcobo AKA Winnie from Scandal

Winnie from Scandal storyline.

Her storyline began when she visited her sister Mbali. Mbali didn’t welcome her visit, she tried to hide her who was so surprised by seeing where her sister was leaving. During that time Mbali from Scandal was pregnant with Jojo’s baby. Within few days after they arrival of her young sister, Mbali had a miscarriage. Mbali was so heartbroken about the miscarriage so she decided to use her sister as Surrogate mother.

One day Mbali made a plan for her young sister to sleep with her husband. She made her husband drunk and took advantage of allowing her sister to sleep with him. Mbali’s sister slept with Jojo and got pregnant. Jojo made to believe that Mbali is still pregnant. Until now Winnie is a Surrogate mother for her sister Mbali. Jojo is not aware about the secret yet.

Fundiswa Ngcobo

Fundiswa Ngcobo married or in a relationship.

She is not married and her relationship status is single.

Fundiswa Ngcobo on Instagram

Her known platform on Social Media is on Facebook and Twitter. There is no Instagram account that match her name unless she is using another name. On Twitter it’s Fundiswa Ngcobo @Mafu-ndiswa. On Facebook its Fundiswa Mafuh Ngcobo.