Gaisang Noge

Gaisang Noge biography AKA Mampho from House of Zwide.

Gaisang Noge
Gaisang Noge

Gaisang Noge, born 15 June 1996, is a South African actress and YouTuber. She is best known for potraying a character as Mampho on House of Zwide.

Biography of Gaisang Noge

Name: Gaisang Keaiketsi Noge
Born: 15 June 1996
Age: 28 years old
Gender: Female
From: Vaal, Triangle in Gauteng
Nationality: South African
Occupation: Actress, YouTuber and Entrepreneur.
Other talents: Presenting and MC
Language: English, SeSotho and Setswana
Known as: Mampho from House of Zwide.
Height: 1.69m

Personal biography file of Mampho on House of Zwide.

Gaisang Noge is South African Actress and Entrepreneur and also a YouTuber. She was born on the 15th of June 1996 in Vaal, Triangle in Gauteng, South Africa. Her life as child was good because she came from a nice lovely family. Since from young age, she grew up going to church where she attended Sunday School. When she was teenager she began attending holidays bible clubs and Youth services. During December times she used to went for summer holiday camps. Besides acting, she is also into presenting and MC.

Gaisang Noge

Career in acting

Her first appearance on Tv was on Mzansi Magic movie called Efa Motho Motho. After that she acted the River Season 2 as Masseuse. Also she appeared in a short film called 5Clicks in 2020, the film was produced by Justin Sandmann with Magos Media production. In the year 2021 in April, she got another role to act on Bo Mma as Karabo. The drama series was produced by Msanzi Magic with Pula Bokgaga Media.
The same year 2021, she got another role to act on House of Zwide as Mampho. Currently she is still acting potraying a character as an Intern at House of Zwide.

Gaisang Noge

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Other things Gaisang do.

Gaisang is also a YouTuber, it is runs by her and it’s about herself. This is what her YouTube all about.
” Unpopular Opinion is what i needed growing up. We chat about loosing in love, winning with God, searching for me and finding the true happily ever after. Unpopular Opinion is about being a lost girl with way making God.”
She likes to quote bible Christian verses, its not clear if she is Christian.

She also owns a clothing brand shop called Lufi-D where she sells traditional clothing for males and Female. The shop is found in Johannesburg and it has open new branches around the country. Found out more on their Facebook and website.