Khaya Dladla real life history age, marriage and career.

Khaya Dladla

Khaya Dladla Biography populary known as GC from Uzalo. He was born 3 April 1980.

Name: Khaya Dladla

Age: 3 April 2021

Place of birth: Umlazi South Africa

Occupation: Actor,Singer and presenter.

Khaya Dladla who is popularly known by his acting name as GC,is a South African Actor,Singer and presenter. He was born in Umlazi BB section in South Africa.He was born on 3 April 1990 which means he is 30 years old this year 2021. They are 5 children in their family and he is the last born among them. He studied Advertising and Marketing and had a degree in Communication Science.

Khaya Dladla acting and singing career.

He started acting at early age,he started acting when he was 6. He said that his parents send him to acting to keep him busy.His first appearance in acting was when he was nine years old. Since acting was already in blood,he appeared in a very popular sopie called Uzalo as GC. Most people loved his character on Uzalo bcz they could relate with the life in Jozzi(Johannesburg).

Khaya Dladla
Khaya Dladla

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GC speak broken English and he is also a gay. Khaya(GC on Uzalo) is also a gay in real life. He is acting his real life experience. In one of his interview he said that people think his character is simple because he is a gay, he mentioned that he has to do research at least to get real character of being GC. He won an award as the Best Supporting Award for playing his character as GC.

He is Singer featured with some famous artist. He sang as a vocalist and he was a backing for Hugh Masekela,Mbongeni,Thandiswa Mazwai and Salif Keita. This year 2021 he will appear in another new series which will be aired on etv next month July.

Khaya Dladla

The exit and the coming back on Uzalo.

In the past few years he exited Uzalo and fans were left broken hearted. This happened after he was given a break by the producers. He said that the producers didn’t renew his contract and was called to act three times and was paid for that instead of monthly salary. There were rumors that he was fired but he responded saying that he wasn’t not fired,the producers paused his character for sometime. On April 2021, there were news about him coming back from Uzalo. It happened after fans complained about his exit and most people wanted him to come back. Fans felt in love with GC so he was brought back.

Khaya Dladla
Khaya Dladla

He was found positive with Covid-19

He was tested positive for Covid-19 but he recovered. He shared how he overcame the pandemic on social media. Let check what he said below.

“The 14 days of isolation have been a journey of introspection, new habits and a return of some old ones. This journey has been an emotional and very psychological battle.”

“The day people understand the power of mind the better. As soon as your mind tells your lungs you can’t breathe, you will not breathe. As soon as your mind tells your body you are dying, you will die. Take care of yourself and speak life to yourself every day.”

Khaya dladla married life.

He got engaged to his husband Mercutio Buthelezi. He announced the news about the engagement on his Instagram, “So he proposed and I SAID YES”. His husband also announced that he has taken him, “Our moment has finally arrived and his officially mine.”The couple shared their photos on Instagram for their engagement.