Lois Du Plessis

Lois Du Plessis biography Pearl on House of Zwide.

Lois Du Plessis
Lois Du Plessis

Lois Du Plessis is South African Actress,Singer, Dancer and Voice Artist. She was born 28 August 1980.

Biography profile

Name: Lois Du Plessis

Born: 28 August 1980

Location: Johannesburg

Gender: Female

Nationality: South African

Occupation: Actor, Dancer, Musician and Voice Artist

Height: 5,4m

Languages: English and Afrikaans

Known as: Pearl on House of Zwide

Personal life history

Lois Du Plessis AKA Pearl on House of Zwide was born on the 28th of August 1980. She is a Singer, Actor, Dancer and Voice Artist. Her current place of residents is in Johannesburg. In terms of languages she can speak Africaans as her first language and English as her second language. Both her parents are religious people and that has a very big impact in her life. They are Christian so as well as Loi who follow in their foot steps. Her Facebook page or Instagram is flooded with messeges of Faith, Hope and Encouragement.

Lois Du Plessis

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Her journey into acting career

She well known for acting on Hillside first season in 2006 as Shannon. The Hillside was a medical drama series which was aired on SABC 1. Lois has been on Television since 2002 and some people recognized her from hit series Backstage.

Because of her talent, Lois has performed on international stages. The actress has performed in nations such as New Zealand and Korea, where she has wowed audiences with her talent. She has been in a number of television shows, including Jozi Streets, Hillside, Dube on 2, Backstage, and House of Zwide, to name a few. She appeared in Sex and the City, Born to Run, Who Freed Nelson, and We Will Rock You on the stage.

Lois Du Plessis
Lois Du Plessis AKA Pearl on House of Zwide

Lois Du Plessis career as a Musician

Pearl performed at the House of Zwide Christmas party in a recent episode of House of Zwide. Some fans may question why the actress isn’t a singer because she has a lovely voice. When Lois lived in Houston, Texas, she worked as a vocalist for nine years. She was a member of Israel Houghton’s Sound of the New Breed, an international gospel group. She has also performed background vocals for well-known singers and written songs for South African artists such as HHP.

Lois Du Plessis

Her business as a designer.

In real life, Lois Du Plessis also works as a jewelry designer. De-Anne Juanita, a brand specializing in hand-made accessories inspired by textiles and prints from throughout the world, was launched by her in 2014. Earrings, bracelets, scarves, and purses are all part of her collection. Her given name, Lois De-Anne Juanita Du Plessis, inspired the company’s name.

Lois Du Plessis