Lisa van Deventer biography AKA Candice from Skeem Saam.

Lisa van Deventer

Lisa van Deventer is a South African actress and professional dancer. She was born 23 December 1992, age 30 years old as of 2022. The actress is best known for portraying a character as Candice from Skeem Saam.

Lisa Biography, age, career, children, boyfriend or husband, parents and Instagram.

Name: Lisa van Deventer
Date of birth: 23 December 1992
Age: 30 years old (2022)
From: Cape Town
Occupation: Actress and Dancer
Nationality: South African
Gender: Female
Tv shows: Skeem Saam
Known as: Candice from Skeem Saam
Languages: Africaans and English

Personal life history of Candice from Skeem Saam.

Lisa van Deventer is a native of the sleepy township of Kinross in the Gauteng province’s Mpumalanga. Until she departed for the United States in 2012, she attended local schools in Kinross. Lisa Van Deventer returned to South Africa in 2015, and she now lives in both Cape Town and Johannesburg. She was born 23rd of December 1992, age 30 years old. Her occupational is a Dancer and Actress.
Home language that she is able to speak is Africaans, followed by second language English.

She doesn’t have children yet and she is not yet married at the age of 30. Deventer has a boyfriend whom she adores so much. Most of time she post pictures of him on her social media platforms. Lisa is in love with her boyfriend. Her parents are still alive, when it’s time to celebrate mother’s or father’s day she celebrates them. Even during their birthdays she wishes them. It’s unknown if she had siblings and how many they are in their family.

Educational Background

In Kinross, Mpumalanga, Lisa Van Deventer attended Die HoƩrskool Menlopark high school. After that, Liza van Deventer studied acting in Los Angeles, California, where she also learned dance and drama techniques to better understand the business. She took acting training from renowned drama educator Michelle Danner while she was in the US. Famous actors including James Franco, Penelope Cruz, Gerard Butler, and Zooey Deschanel have all received coaching from Michelle. Van Deventer was awarded a scholarship in 2016 to study at the Broadway Dance Center in New York, which she has already accepted. She has received private coaching and mentoring from Broadway actor and television actress for her dancing.

Lisa van Deventer

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Career journey in dancing and acting.

Lisa had always wanted to perform on stage and dance. After having a leg procedure, she started dancing at the age of six in order to strengthen her legs. The encounter made Lisa fall in love with dance.

Her breakthrough came when she landed the role of Candice the cook on Skeem Saam in 2011. Currently she is still acting on Skeem Saam in 2022. Also she acted on movies and television dramas such as Amandla, Knapsekerels, Seepglad, Bennington Gothique, Rest In Peace, Warning: Lunatics Abound, Attractifying Glasses and Measure of a Woman.

Liza is a company member with Stretch Dance Company, a contemporary dance theatre company, and she has training in practically all dance forms. She has had the chance to perform through her dance at renowned Los Angeles locations like the Avalon Theatre and the EI Rey Theatre in Hollywood. She also served as Aanysa, the R&B teen singing sensationhip-hop ,’s backup dancer. She had the chance to perform with the Israeli contemporary ensemble Nimrod Freed/Tami Dance Company in 2015. The Courier Mail of Brisbane highlighted Liza’s performance in their much acclaimed production of Peep Dance as “a drive to stretch the boundaries of attending to theater.”

She participated in a variety of workshops and advanced acting masterclasses while living in Los Angeles, honing her acting abilities through improvisation at the famed UCB school and month-long intensives with casting directors like Killian McHugh and Natalie Hart (CSA). Her most recent acting work includes commercials for Humin iPhone and Lucky Brand Jeans.


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Surfing, freediver, yoga, runner, pro dancer, skateboard, hiking, boxing, swimming, boxing, cooking, pilates, rollerblading, dancing (ballet, jazz, hip hop), acrobatics, piano, mime, singing (alto), horse riding.(1)