Suzan Ravuku

Suzan Ravuku biography, age,children and husband.

Suzan Ravuku
Suzan Ravuku

Suzan Ravuku is a South African actress who was born 2 February 1982, age 40 years as of 2022. She is best known for portraying a character as Thifhelimbilu from Muvhango.

Suzan Biography, age, career, children, husband and Facebook.

Name: Suzan Ravuku
Date of birth:2 February 1982
Age: 40 years old (2022)
From: Thohoyandou in Limpopo Province
Occupation: Actress
Nationality: South African
Gender: Female
Tv shows: Muvhango
Known: Thifhelimbilu from Muvhango

Personal life history Thifhelimbilu on Muvhango

Thifhelimbilu from Muvhango real name is Suzan Ravuku who hails from Thohoyandou, Limpopo Province in South Africa. She was born on the 2nd of February 1993, age 40 years as of 2022. She has children whom she got worried that they were going through bullying due their skin colour. Ravuku is a black beauty woman, she went through bullying due to her black color. The information about her husband her husband is private. Her husband’s name is unknown so far.

Educational Background

She attended Mpfariseni or Magalanngwe school class of 1999. Then later she enrolled to study at the University of Venda where she studied LLB degree. Also she studied at Vhembe f.e.t college Makwarela campus.

Suzan Ravuku
Suzan Ravuku

Suzan Ravuku

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Career journey

She has been employed by the Thohoyandou Victim Empowerment Programme (TVEP) as a training facilitator for ten years. She also visits schools as a youth mentor, inspiring students from primary to secondary levels about the value of education, the negative effects of bullying in schools, adolescent pregnancies, sexual assault, and the rights and duties of children. Since 2007, she has also provided care for kids in the Vhembe District who have HIV.

Suzan has been involved in stage acting since she was a young child, but she first rose to fame in the entertainment world in 2001 while performing in radio dramas on SABC’s Phalaphala FM, which she continues to do today.

She is best known for portraying a character as Thifhelimbilu from Muvhango. A character which convinced most people to believe that’s who she is real life. Viewers from where she comes from where starting to hate her for real. They couldn’t differentiate her real character and acting.

LIMPOPO — Ndikandafha Suzan “Vele” Ravuku, who resides in Vuwani, drew in millions of Muvhango viewers by playing a sangoma who kidnapped one of Chief Azwindini’s sons, Muvhango, with the intention of ritually killing him. Thifhelimbilu, better known as Fheli, is a real woman of substance on the Muvhango soapie. She claims that because of her role in the soap opera, particularly when she stole Azwindini’s son, certain people in Thohoyandou used to portray her as a wicked lady.

The general public did not view it as a drama. After being released from prison, she allegedly received an opportunity to work as a housemaid in Mulalo Mukwevho’s home. But in reality, she’s a gorgeous woman.
The character kept on being developed until the day she was robbed in real life after thieves broke into her house. It’s because Thifhelimbilu from Muvhango is now rich so they thought maybe that’s how she is in real life.

Suzan Ravuku
Suzan Ravuku

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Suzan Ravuku bullying challenges

Suzan Ravuku has spoken up about the long-term bullying she experienced. Susan opened up to Daily Sun, telling the newspaper that she had experienced bullying at school because of the color of her skin.

She claimed to have found out that her children are experiencing the same thing. “Unfortunately, I found out in 2016 that my kids are also bullied because of their skin tone. I broke down in tears when I realized that because some people can’t advocate for themselves, we live in a socially dysfunctional society that needs to be taught. Bullying is a poison that steadily eats away at a person’s insides.

Suzan claimed to have founded a group that advocates for young people. “I started an organization called Vhembe Youth Programme where we go out to different communities to speak to traditional leaders and other authorities on behalf of the youth.”