Thulani Didi biography AKA Spinach from Zone 14.

Thulani Didi

Thulani Didi is a South African Actor and Director who was born September 2, 1966, age 56 years old. He is best known as Spinach from the drama series Zone 14 where he acted alongside Popeye(Kere Nyawo).

Biography, age, career, children, wife and Instagram.

Name: Thulani Didi
Date of birth: 2 September 1966
Age: 56 years old
From: Umlazi in KwaZulu-Natal
Occupation: Actor and Director
Nationality: South African
Gender: Male
Tv shows: Zone 14
Known as: Spinach from Zone 14

Personal life history of Thulani Didi

Thulani Didi who was best-known as Spinach is a South African actor and director. He hails from Umlazi in KwaZulu-Natal. His date of birth is on the 2nd of September 1966 which means he is 56 years old. The actor was married for more than a decade and have Seven children. According to one account on his Facebook, his relationship status is divorced. Among his children, the last born is girl is around 5 or 6 years. In one of his posts on Facebook he shared some heartfelt letter about his lovely daughter. Below is what she wrote

“God give me all the years to see my baby girl growing, help me to be the best father ever. Protect and save her from Evil. Love you my angel.

She’s the reason I work hard and always want to see the next day. Special dream it to see her graduating, finding a good job, buying her own house, getting married and make me a proud grandfather. I always pray for my little baby, for God to protect her. Daddy loves you kideo”

The name of his wife is currently unknown. He never confirmed to the public if he is divorced but one of his old Facebook account say so. As soon as we get to know about it we will update.

Educational Background

He attended Menzi High school and then went to College at Committed Artists. Also Spinach is a part-time tutor at Wits University, where he tutors upcoming actors.

Popeye and Spinach

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Career journey

Since high school, he has been active in the arts. He enjoyed dancing, acting, and singing before matriculation. He once wrote music for gospel performers. Mbongeni Ngema, a playwright spotted him and that’s when he joined Sarafina in 1988.

He is most known for playing Spinach in the Zone 14 drama series on SABC1. The Blood Stream movie was created by Positive Art Society artists and was written by Thulani Didi. After the movie was released, he thanked his team, the artists, his kids, and his wife’s mother for their support.

Thulani Didi advice on new actors

Many people approach him and say they want to be actors and actresses, “you can not wake up tomorrow and wow, you are an actor. Attend workshops so that you will learn about acting. Join community drama schools believe me you will be an actor one day. You can go more than 1000 auditions if you don’t the craft, it will be a waste of time. I can not see myself in hospital performing nurses duties, I know nothing about that.”

How Popeye and Spinach from Zone 14 became friends?

They connected in 1990 thanks to their shared appreciation of the arts. “I first met Thulani while she was shooting one of my short films, and ever since then, we have collaborated. Together, we’ve accomplished a lot, and we still have more plans, says Popeye. Various actors who are now well-known stars in the industry learned from and were trained by many performers. The two have developed people like Generations — The Legacy actor and singer Ronnie Nyakale, Tsotsi actress Terry Pheto, and Zola from the kwaito genre. According to Spinach, they didn’t do it for financial gain but rather out of a sense of duty.

Spinach, who has been married for 11 years with seven children, says he is grateful to have Popeye as his elder brother. “We do everything together. We even raise our children together, we share everything. No one will ever separate us,”

Thulani Didi

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The founding of Popaya and Spinach Arts Ent.

We cultivate local talent at a non-profit organization there called Positive Arts Society. Not for fame in the media or to win favor with others, they are acting out of love. They jointly operate Pop and Spin Entertainment, a producing firm. They want to entertain and educate people. They view us as artists rather than celebrities.

Other Television roles

▪︎Code Green – Season 1 as Himself

▪︎Ga Re Dumele – Season 3 as Guest Star

▪︎Gauteng Maboneng – Season 3 as Stones

▪︎Isibaya – Season 5 as Marriage Officer

▪︎SABC Crown Gospel Music Awards – Season 4 as Presenter – Himself

▪︎The River – Season 1 as Polony

▪︎Wild at Heart – Season 2 as Biggie

▪︎Yizo Yizo – Season 2 as Seven

▪︎Yizo Yizo – Season 3 as Seven

▪︎Zero Tolerance – Season 2 as Junkie

▪︎Zone 14 – Season 1 as Spinach

▪︎Zone 14 – Season 2 as Spinach

▪︎Zone 14 – Season 3 as Spinach

▪︎Zone 14 – Season 4 as Spinach