10 Actors And Actresses who played characters as Lesbian or Gay but are not.

10 Actors And Actresses who played characters as Lesbian or Gay but are not.

These are 10 of the actors and actresses who potrayed characters as lesbian or gay on Television. In real life they are not gays or lesbian, it is just acting. They are just giving awareness about homosexual which most people find it difficult to accept.

Sihle Ndaba and her boyfriend

1. Sihle Ndaba is a South African actress who was born 13 June 1989. She acted in different drama series such as Uzalo, Isibaya and more. In 2022, she bagged a role to play on Scandal, potraying a character as Duduzile Kubeka. The character of Dudu on Scandal is attracted to women. She began by dating a girl called Lera who cheated her with her brother. Later on she moved on and met another girl, Vuvu. The two are definitely in love. This means that Dudu is a Lesbian.
So is she lesbian in real life? Dudu from Scandal whose real name is Sihle Ndaba is not a lesbian in real life. If you followed her on Instagram, there were instances where she posted pictures with her boyfriend.

Mamarumo Marokane

2. Mamarumo Marokane who act as Vuvu from Scandal is South African actress. She was born 15 August 1996. The actress has played different roles but the outstanding character is on Scandal. She rose to fame after appearing on MTV Shuga as Dineo and also on Skeem Saam and others. Vuvu is the baby mama for Nhlamulo and they had two children together. Nhlamulo’s baby has been dating guys until one night she met Dudu. She began to develop feelings for Dudu which resulted in their relationship. This means that Vuvu is biosexual, she is attracted to both men and women.

In real life Vuvu from Scandal is not a lesbian. This hasn’t been confirmed yet, since these days so many people are coming out about their sexuality. Just by looking at her, it’s possible that she is a straight woman.

Ayanda Daweti

3. Ayanda Daweti is a South African actor and musician. He was born 1990. The actor is best-known for portraying a character as Chumani from Scandal. On Scandal, he played a character as a gay dating another guy called Tshepo. It was very evident that he struggled with his sexuality.

Ayanda says playing a gay character while he is straight has been a challenge, but he is so happy how his role has helped other people. So Ayanda Daweti is not a gay in real life but it was just acting.

Bohang Moeko and his wife

4. Bohang Moeko is a South African actor and model. He was born 13 April 1988 in Protea, Soweto. The actor is best known for portraying character as a gay on Television. At first she acted on Scandal as Tshepo. Tshepo was dating Chumani and were in love together. Also he played a gay on Isono as Gabriel. This time he was biosexual because he was also dating another girl.

In real life Bohang Moeko is a married man. The couple got engaged in 2020 and then later in 2021 they got married. This year 2022 they celebrated their 1 year anniversary and it was really amazing.

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Prince Magoai

5. Prince Magoai is a South African actor, performer and creative artist. He was born 1997, age 25 years old as of 2022. The actor is best known for portraying a character Oritando from Skeem Saam. Oritando is a gay male who is in a relationship with Clement. The two went through homophobic criticism and were attacked. This is what most homosexual people go through on daily basis. They are discriminated even get killed due to their sexuality.

Prince Magoai acting as a gay made people to ask if he is a real gay. Unfortunately, there is no information about him being a gay. We can just say it’s acting while we are waiting for confirmation from him.

Vusi Leremi

6. Vusi Leremi was born and raised in the South African township of Soweto. He, on the other hand, moved to Johannesburg with his family to further his education. Vusi Leremi still lives in Johannesburg and has no plans to leave the City of Dreams.

Vusi Leremi is not gay in real life, but his Skeem Saam character, Clement, is. Fans of Skeem Saam were shocked when Clement came out as gay and his grandmother cursed him. Vusi Leremi explained that playing a gay character was challenging because he was told that his character would come out. As a result, he set out on a journey to learn about gay people and how they are mistreated in society. People have started labeling him as a homosexual, but he has stated that it is all for show and that he is a straight man in real life.

Themba Ndaba

7. Themba Ndaba, born 14 February 1965, is a South African actor and director who is 56 years old. He is best known for his roles as Zimele in the SABC1 drama Soul City and Brutus in The Queen.

In the 1990s, straight actor Themba Ndaba, played a flamboyant gay character on SABC 1’s comedy show, Streaks. As the show continues to air on SABC 1, viewers recall Ndaba’s gay hairdresser character with his glossy lips, bleached hair, and a silky, feminine scarf around his neck (November 2021). In real life he is straight man.

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Sello Maake and his wife

8. Sello Maake KaNcube, a legendary actor, wowed audiences with his portrayal of a gay man, Kgosi, on Mzansi Magic’s telenovela, The Queen. Some viewers even called it “the performance of his career,” while others described his character as “refreshing” on the show.

In real life he is not a gay. Sello has children from his previous marriage. Currently he is married again and has no children so far.

Warren Masemola

9. Warren Masemola stole the show on SABC 1’s sitcom, Ses’Top La, where he played the role of a gay man, Thoko Chanel.

Viewers of the show called his performance “winning” while others stated that the show belonged to Masemola. The four-time South African Film and Television Award (SAFTA) winner won a SAFTA for his gay role and is also a two-time DStv MVCA winner, and a two-time Naledi nominee. Black Brain Pictures confirmed the show is returning to our screen towards the end of 2021 on SABC 1.

Zethu Dhlomo

10. Zethu Dhlomo was born in Lenasia, in Gauteng Province but was raised in Soweto. She went to the National School of Arts before attending the University of Witwatersrand. Zethu is a holder of a Bachelor’s Degree in Dramatic Arts. She discovered her passion for being an actress at a young age, and she pursued that.

She acted on Scandal as Duduzile Kubeka’s girlfriend. The couple dated for sometime until they broke up. Lera was biosexual because during the time she was dating Dudu, she cheated with Dudu’s brother. Zethu known as Lera is not a lesbian in real life but it was just acting.