Noluthando Dloboyi

Noluthando Dloboyi biography AKA Rosina from the Black Door.

Noluthando Dloboyi
Noluthando Dloboyi

Noluthando Dloboyi is a South African actress who was 26 September. She is best known for portraying a character as Rosina on the adult drama series The Black Door.

Noluthando Biography, age, career, children, boyfriend or husband and Instagram

Name: Noluthando Dloboyi
Date of birth: 26 September
Age: Unknown
From: Soweto in Gauteng Province in South Africa
Occupation: Actress
Nationality: South African
Gender: Female
Tv shows: The Black Door
Known as: Rosina from the Black Door

Personal life history of Rosina from the Black Door

Rosina from the Black Door real name is Noluthando Dloboyi. She was born and raised in South Africa. Her date of birth is on the 26th of September. So far the year she was born is unknown. Dloboyi has a daughter whom she adores so much and also in 2017 she celebrated gender reveal of what believed to be her second child. On Facebook and Instagram she posted pictures of her daughter and mother. She has strong beliefs in God. Most of the time she gives glory to the Almighty God.

She considered her mother as a role model. There are certain things she wishes to be that her mother possess.
“I May not pray often, and I may not pray enough but when I do, this is all I ask of you..God please give me a heart just like hers. She loves unconditionally, no matter what, no matter who..God give me courage to be like her. She’s very brave, she makes me unafraid. God give me wisdom just like hers. She knows everything, big and small, she’s there to help through it all. God give me strength just like hers. She’s been knocked down, yet she stands strong for another round.God give me beauty just like hers. I love you mother!.”

Her relationship status is unknown but it’s obvious that there is a baby daddy for her children. As soon as we find out about her husband and boyfriend, the information will be updated.

Noluthando Dloboyi
Noluthando Dloboyi
Noluthando Dloboyi
Noluthando Dloboyi and her mother

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Career journey

Noluthando Dloboyi is well known for her character on The Black Door as Rosina. She is also a newcomer in the entertainment industry. The character of Rosina works alongside Enhle and other workers in a factory on the Black Door. She is very challenging as well. To learn more about the character of Rosina watch the Black Door from Monday to Friday at 21:30.

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Noluthando Dloboyi on Social media.

Rosina from the Black Door Instagram is Noluthando Dloboyi. Also she has a Facebook account by the name of Noluthando Dloboyi. She is also on TikTok.