Nandipha Khubone biography AKA from Sibongile on Gomora.

Nandipha Khubone
Nandipha Khubone

Nandipha Khubone biography and age, she is currently known as Sibongile on Gomora.

Name: Nandipha Khubone

Born: 2000

Age: 24 years old

From: Durban, KwaZulu Natal

Nationality: South African

Occupation: Actress and Filmmaker

Education: Filmmaking, Directing and Producing

Known as: Sibongile on Gomora

Personal life history

Nandipha Khubone is a 24 years old South African Actress and Filmmaker. She was born in 2000, age 24 as of 2024 in Durban KwaZulu Natal, South Africa. Her first ever known character in acting is the role of Sibongile. In 2018 she went to study abroad to study Filmmaking but came back home due to Covid-19. So she continued studied online after then.

Career journey in acting

The love for acting began when she was in Primary School. She used to get small roles to play in primary school and so she knew that she wanted more because she really enjoyed being on stage.
After discovered her talent in Primary, she didn’t stop there but continued when she went to High School. In High School she was doing extra curricular activities, public speaking and other things that were going to put her on stage. Also she began to participate in theatre and was excelling in it thats when she decided to pursue career in acting.

Nandipha Khubone
Nandipha Khubone

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Her role as Sibongile on Gomora came after she tried to audition for several times. So luckily she auditioned and was chosen for the character on Gomora. The auditions was done through her manager who was able to get her through to the producers. At first she submitted her own auditions and it failed so she sent it again through her manager thats when she was chosen for the role. After they called her immediately and told her that she got a role.

“I auditioned through my manager who was able to get me through to the producers after seeing a casting call,” she says.

“I matched the character description and I submitted my audition tape by myself and it wasn’t seen, so I sent it again through my manager and it was seen by the producers. They then called me right away and told me it was a done deal. We went in for one more round and it was history after that,” she said

It’s dream come true for Nandipha because she is acting with some veteran actors such as Connie Chiume. She used to see them on Tv and told her grandmother that one day she will be on Tv. It is such an amazing experience for her to act together with those actor she watched on Tv.

Nandipha Khubone

Nandipha character as Sibongile on Gomora

The feisty 16-year-old Sibongile entered Zodwa’s household with a bad attitude, a quick mouth and spoilt girl tendencies but was quickly called to order by Zodwa and half-brother Teddy.
Sibongile recently lost her mother which also meant that her life of privilege is now behind her,”

“Because she and her dad, Don, had been depending on her mom, they have to come back to Gomora (Alexandra) where he is from. This is her first introduction into a whole new world where she also meets her older brother who she hadn’t known about.

“It feels like her whole world has turned upside down because she had everything and now has to adjust to having nothing. She feels that the world isn’t treating her fairly,” she adds.