Seneo Mabengano

Seneo Mabengano biography AKA Khumo on Muvhango.

Seneo Mabengano
Seneo Mabengano

Seneo Mabengano is originally from Botswana. She is a former Miss Botswana and an actress who is best-known for portraying a character as Khumo on Muvhango. The actress was born 1996, age 26 years old as of 2022.

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Name: Seneo Paige Mabengano
Date of birth: 1996
Age: 26 years old
From: Botswana
Occupation: Actress
Nationality: Motswana
Gender: Female
Tv shows: Muvhango
Known as: Khumo from Muvhango
Education: Limkowking University
Height: 1,73

Who Seneo Mabengano?

Former Miss Botswana and stunning newcomer to Muvhango. With her part in the SABC 2 drama, Seneo Mabengano is poised to garner all the attention. The 26-year-old actress, who is half Motswana and half Greek, plays Khumo, a driven individual who always succeeds in getting what she wants.

Seneo’s life hasn’t always been easy sailing. When she was only 13, she lost her mother. and her aunt and her husband, whom she considers her parents, raised her and her brother first, followed by her grandparents. Seneo, who was raised in the community of Selebi Pinkwe.

She was brought up in a conventional household, and she loved and respected her grandparents, who helped shape her into the kind of lady she is today. She views herself as fortunate to have had my grandparents and such a deeply ingrained cultural upbringing.

Seneo Mabengano
Seneo Mabengano

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Career journey

Mabengano has been in the news since 2015, but in her native Botswana. She is a beauty queen; in 2015, she was crowned Miss Botswana, and she reigned until 2016. The benefits of holding the title of Miss Botswana in perpetuity came with the crown.

As the year’s reigning queen, Seneo had the opportunity to travel the globe and even compete on a Miss Universe international stage. Seneo continued to travel the world even after her reign was over, giving her career in the spotlight further wings. After beginning to concentrate on the television industry, she obtained residency in South Africa, Botswana, and Malawi.

Seneo, who is gifted in both acting and beautiful art, will make his acting debut on Muvhango. She had her first tryout at Gaborone. Botswana after the Muvhango casting team said anything on social media. She was then selected from a smaller group for the second round of South African auditions. When she got the call telling her she had been selected for the position, she claims she was pleasantly delighted.

Seneo Mabengano

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Khumo character on Muvhango

“Khumo will do anything to achieve her goals, even if it means harming other people. As James Motsamai’s long-lost half-sister from his father’s side, Khumo joins the scene. Khumo’s background is largely limited to what she lets others see and know. She arrives having left her past behind after the passing of her rich husband. Seneo describes her character as “the new girl in the city of Johannesburg with a mission to take over.”

She continues by saying that while there are qualities of Khumo that she can identify with, such as her determination to make things happen no matter what, she does not appreciate her blatant evil.