Sfundo MD Nzuza

Sfundo MD Nzuza biography, age and career.

Sfundo MD Nzuza
Sfundo MD Nzuza

Sfundo MD Nzuza is a South African Actor, Musician.

Biography profile

Name: Sfundo Nzuza

Born: Unknown

Age: Unknown

From: KwaMashu in KwaZulu Natal

Current city: Durban KwaZulu Natal

Nationality: South African

Occupation: Actor and Musician

Gender: Male

Personal life history

Sfundo Nzuza is a South African Actor and Musical person. He was born and grew up KwaMashu in KwaZulu Natal. Currently he resides in Durban KwaZulu Natal.

Educational background

He went to Nqabakazulu comprehensive high school. After that he attended Ekhaya Multi Art (K CAP). Also he studied Drama and Production studies at DUT(Durban University of Technology)

Sfundo MD Nzuza
Sfundo MD Nzuza

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Career journey in acting

His career began while studying at Durban University of Technology. He partipated in theatre drama series. Until today he is still sharpening his skill in theatres.

So far he has not yet appeared in an television series. Since he was studying at DUT, he became part of one of actor of ‘Usiza’. The drama was presented by DUT drama and production. It was about William Shakespeare and Julius Caesar which was translated in Zulu. Usiza was played in Court Yard theatre from 1-8 March 2019.

Due to his talent as a musician, he got an opportunity to travel to China. It was a great experience for travel out of the country.

Sfundo MD Nzuza

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Sfundo MD Nzuza Instagram

He is also on Instagram and Facebook as well. On Facebook his name is Sfundo MD Nzuza. On Instagram its Sfundomdnzuza.

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