Sibongiseni Shezi

Sibongiseni Shezi life history AKA Hlezipi on Uzalo.

Sibongiseni Shezi
Sibongiseni Shezi

Sibongiseni Shezi was born 17 March 1993 in KwaZulu Natal. She is well known as Hlezipi from Uzalo.

Biography profile

Name: Sibongiseni Shezi

Born: 17 March 1993

From: KwaZulu Natal, Durban

Occupation: Actor and Performer

Nationality: South African

Known as: Hlezipi on Uzalo

Education: Bachelor of Arts in Live Performance degree (AFDA)

Personal life history

Sibongiseni Shezi is a South African actress best known for her role as Hleziphi on Uzalo. She was born on March 17, 1993. She was born and raised in Durban, KwaZulu Natal.
Although little is known about her primary or secondary school education, the alias Hleziphi from Uzalo is an AFDA graduate. She earned a Bachelor of Arts in Live Performance Cum Laude degree.

Sibongiseni Shezi
Sibongiseni Shezi

Her acting career

She auditioned for Uzalo after graduating from AFDA. She began as a schooling actor, which meant she was learning the business, and was cast in the supporting part of Hleziphi on Uzalo.

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However, before auditioning for Hleziphi on Uzalo, she went through many stages of development in the acting industry. Before coming to Uzalo, she appeared in the TV shows Inkunzi, KwaGhebhezi, Missing, Ordinary People, Reincarnation, Run, and The Last Dance.

In the year 2020, Sibongiseni starred in the South African film “Tokoloshi — the Calling.”

Sibongiseni Shezi

Sibongiseni Awards

Sibongiseni shezi is a very ambitious young woman, and as a result, she has accomplished a lot. Uzalo, the Hleziphi character, has received acting accolades. In 2019, the actress won the Best Actress award at the Simon Sabela Awards for her remarkable performance in the AFDA Durban 2018 Feature Film, “Run.” She considers it a tremendous success because she is competing against seasoned actresses in the field.

Her Net worthy

Sibongiseni, the future Uzalo star and supporting actor, is currently making between R25 000 and R30 000 per month. Her net worth is also very impressive. The net worth of the Uzalo singer is estimated to be over $80 000 USD, or R17 300 000 South African rands.