Sne from Durban Gen real name, age, career and husband.

Nombulelo Mhlongo AKA Sne on Durban Gen

Sne from Durban Gen real name is Nombulelo Mhlongo. She was born 9 May 1992.

Biography profile

Name: Nombulelo Mhlongo

Born: 9 May 1992

Age: 30 years old as of 2022

From: Pongolo, KwaZulu Natal.

Occupation: Actor, Writer and Teacher

Nationality: South African

Known as: Sne from Durban Gen

Gender: Female

Personal life history of Nombulelo Mhlongo

Sne from Durban Gen whose real name is Nombulelo Mhlongo is a South African actor, writer and teacher. She was born 9 May 1992 and she came from Pongolo in KwaZulu Natal. Nombulelo studied abroad in Los Angeles , she went to study there in 2010. She obtained her qualifications in Dramatic Arts. Pan African Space Arts is a platform that she created where she teaches youth about writing, reading, drama and music.

Nombulelo Mhlongo is younger than what people thinks. Most people you knows her character from Uzalo where she used to act Pastor’s wife. Her character on Uzalo as Nomcebo made people thought that she is very old. Actual she will be 30 years old as of 2022 May. The character she is playing on Durban Gen definitely fit her age group, she dress nicely like a young woman.


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Career journey in acting

She began acting on “Nothing but the Truth’ a book written by John Kani as Mandisa. Her first appearance on Tv was on Skeem Saam as Cassandra. Also she acted on Ifalakhe and Uzalo. On the drama series of Uzalo she was acting as Kehla’s mother ‘Nomcebo.’ Since her appearance on Uzalo she got more followers from 200 something thousands to 30 000.

Nombulelo Mhlongo

Nombulelo Mhlongo as Sne from Durban Gen

Currently she well known as Sne on Durban Gen. Nurse Sne Mtshali is slay queen on Durban Gen Hospital. She is always taking photos and video to upload on social media. Not only that she loves men with money she is not afraid to show her interest. Although she is a play girl she was luck to meet someone who want to marry her. Dr Dhlomo on Durban Gen found a wife in Sne and he is ready to take her home.


Nombulelo Mhlongo husband and children

There is no information about her husband or her being married. She has a daughter which she always post her pictures on her Instagram.

Nombulelo Mhlongo Instagram

If you want to get in touch and always updated about her life. You can follow her on Instagram called therealnombulelomhlongo.