Thabiso Molokomme

Thabiso Molokomme biography: age, career, girlfriend and net worth.

Thabiso Molokomme
Thabiso Molokomme

Thabiso Molokomme was born 13 May 2001, age 21 years old as of 2022.

Biography profile of Paxton on Skeem Saam

Name: Thabiso Molokomme

Born: 13 May 2001

Age: 21 years old (2022)

From: Polokwane in Limpopo

Occupation: Actor, Presenter and Voice over artist

Nationality: South African

Gender: Male

Known as: Paxton on Skeem Saam

Tv shows: YoTv

Personal life history

Thabiso Molokomme is a South African actor, presenter and voice over artist. Currently he is 22 years of age as of 2023. He was born 13 May 2001 in Polokwane, Limpopo.

Educational background

Molokomme, matriculated from Capricorn High School in 2018. He was Operations Management student at the University Of Johannesburg. In 2022 he graduated from UJ with 20 distinctions.The 22-year-old who graduated with Diploma in Operations Management is one of the youngest top achievers at the University of Johannesburg.

Thabiso Molokomme
Thabiso Molokomme graduated at University of Johannesburg


Career journey in acting

It took six rounds of auditions before he got a job at one of the biggest youth edutainment shows in the country. He mentioned that he parents convinced him to study at the University of Johannesburg and that is when he decided to join and agency and started auditioning.

Thabiso recently joined Skeem Saam as the son of Mr Kgomo, the Turfloop hospital’s superintendent. He is potraying a character as Paxton on Skeem Saam.

He not only is an actor but he is also a YoTV presenter, MC and voice over artist

Thabiso is the co-founder of the ‘Give A Child A Book’ organization which is a non profit organization aimed at empowering and assisting less fortunate schools in and around  the area of South Africa

He prides himself on being a spiritual being and believes that God has played a huge hand in who he is today.

Thabiso Molokomme

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Paxton on Skeem Saam

In the series, he is problematic and gets into trouble for vandalising the Welcome to Turfloop high before meeting him.

He plays a troubled youngster who has not recovered properly from the trauma of his sister’s tragic murder. Paxton failed him, and he had to repeat a grade, so his parents have brought him back from Johannesburg, where he was attending school.

He is unhappy that his classmates are younger than him and causes trouble at every opportunity.

Thabiso Molokomme
Thabiso Molokomme

Thabiso Molokomme girlfriend

So far there is no information he revealed about his girlfriend or any pictures about her on his social media platform.

Thabiso Molokomme net worth

His net worth is not yet known. He is still new comer in the entertainment industry. His income is still growing.