Who is Leleti Khumalo’s husband?

Skhuthazo Winston Khanyile and Leleti Khumalo

Who is he? Leleti Khumalo’s iconic South African actress husband, Skhuthazo Winston Khanyile, is a successful businessman from South Africa. In 1972, Skhuthazo, also known as SK, was born. Since he married his attractive and accomplished actress wife, he has gained attention in the media.

Name: Skhuthazo Winston Khanyile
Age: 50 years old (2022)
Date of birth: 1972
From: South Africa
Occupation: Businessman
Nationality: South African
Gender: Male
Wife: Leleti Khumalo
Children: 2

Personal life information

The two had been happily married ever since Khanyile wed Leleti. According to his wife, the South African businessman is “killing” the marital game because he is the most kindhearted and attractive person she has ever met. Skhuthazo Winston Khanyile, Leleti’s husband, was born in South Africa in 1972; his birthplace or nometown is unknown. They were married in 2012 when he was 40 years old. His parents’ precise due date and month are not, however, well known.

Leleti Khumalo’s husband, Skhuthazo Winston Khanyile, is a businessman. Although neither Khanyile nor his wife has publicly mentioned the kind of business he does, some unverified sources claim he is a realtor and also a farm owner.

It is said he breeds Ankole cattle on his farm. Winston is said to be a successful businessman who has amassed substantial wealth from his business endeavors. He is reportedly estimated at R101 million.


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How did they met and wed?

Skhuthazo Winston Khanyile and renowned South African actress Leleti Knumalo had a happy marriage. Leleti was a cabin controller when the two first connected in South Africa. As soon as they connected on the plane, it was love at first sight for them, and the rest is history.

Leleti and the businessman met when the latter was still adjusting to her traumatic divorce from her first marriage. She was able to recover more quickly and let go of her broken marriage after meeting Winston. In a low-key ceremony held in KwaMaShu, the birthplace of Khumalo, in Durban, South Africa, the pair legally wed in 2012. Only their family and a select group of friends attended the ceremony, which was held in private.

Given her popularity in South Africa and elsewhere, she opted for a private ceremony. Khumalo called having a small wedding party “fun.” Except when she is working, she is someone who enjoys avoiding the spotlight.

Leleti Khumalo and her husband and kids

Who was Leleti Khumalo’s ex husband and marriage?

It is unclear if this was Skhuthazo’s first marriage. Leleti’s marriage to Winston was her second try at union after her divorce from South African Verulam, a writer, composer, director, choreographer, and theatre producer born in KwaZulu-Natal.The multi-award-winning musical Sarafinal’s best-known author, Ngema, fell in love with Khumalo when they were filming the show, and the two later were married in 1992. Following allegations of abuse and other problems, including not letting the actress appear in other shows and not letting her take any action against Ngema, they separated in 2005.

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The Couple Has Two Kids Together

Leleti Khumalo and her husband were blessed with two children Ulwenzile and Yamukelani. The two are twins who were born 24th of May 2013. The actress lost one of her kids in a miscarriage. She and her husband were expecting triplets when she was pregnant, but she sadly lost one.

It is said that she had some miscarriages in the past before she eventually had her children. For the records, Leleti did not give birth to any child for Ngema all through the years they were married.