5 Abusive or Violent Actors on Television: Who are they in real life?

5 Abusive or Violent Actors on Television: Who are they in real life?

It’s hard to believe that these people are different in real life. Most people had witnessed how abusive and violent is their characters on television. It has become difficult to take their acting not serious, it’s a personal thing to a lot of people. Especially those who went through the same experience of being abused and assaulted. Even those who are against it makes them angry. Anyway, people need to understand that it’s just acting, some of these actors are good people in real life. In this story we are going explore life of 5 actors who appeared on our television as abusers and violent people. We will see if that’s how they are in real life or its just acting.

Nyaniso Dzedze

1. Nyaniso Dzedze is a South African Actor, Dancer and Choreographer. Most people recognized him for acting as Tsietsi on Ashes to Ashes. His character was violent and abusive as well as short tempered. He got this character in 2015 and it was his first-time to appear on Television after performed in theatres for sometime. At first we thought thats it, but he got another role to play on Rhythm City where he was also abusive. It shows that the producer noticed that he is good with the roles like that. Also in 2022, he bagged another role as Dr Dhlomo on Durban Gen. His character is short tempered and violent, he abuse his wife so badly.

With these character in the picture, most people think thats who he is in real life. Actually, Nyaniso Dzedze is far different from the character he potrayed on television. He is a married man with one child. The actor is 35 years old as of 2022. His wife is a white person from Germany, they are in a Interracial marriage.
Nyaniso Dzedze is married to a German white woman Yana Seidl Dzedze. The couple tied a knot in 2018. In 2021 the couple were blessed with a baby and were talking about how they want their child to be of resemble both their cultures. Although its difficult for black and white people to accept their relationship. The couple are still happily married and are in love. In the eyes of people, everything is fine and there are no complains from his wife of being abused.

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Bongani Gumede

2. Bongani Gumede is a South African actor who was well known as Oupa Dube on the Lab.The actor has been known for portraying a violent or abusive characters. One of the character he potrayed was on Rhythm City where he was abusing Puleng. He acted as Ngozi and was very old than Puleng. Until now, he bagged different roles but mostly as fearful man. In 2006, thats when he began acting on the drama series called the Lab until 2007. He also starred in a film called Grace in 2006 as well as Catch the fire. On eKasi our stories he acted as Richard in 2009. The character was violent and abusive as well. He bagged a leading role on Isibaya as Mandla.

In real life, it’s unknown if he is abusive or violent man as he potrayed on television. He doesn’t share much about his personal life experience. Even his wife is unknown to the public. Hopefully, he is a good man. Apart from that, he also has a problem with alcohol. There were instances where he was found drunk uncontrollably. And it was reported that he would miss shooting scenes because of that.
We don’t know how he act in front of his family when he is drunk. Mostly, some men become violent and abusive when they are drunk. His story is very trick.

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Nkanyiso Makhanya

3. Nkanyiso Makhanya is South African actor who is well known for portraying a character as Njeza on Uzalo. The storyline of Njeza is so interesting because he didn’t began by being abusive or violent. Njeza was once arrested after assassinated his father, this happened after he was trying to protect his family from his father. Later on when he got into a relationship he began abusing his girlfriend. The abusive was extensive that it triggered most people in the community. Viewers were angered by his character in such a way that some were planning beat him up in real life.

So who exactly is Nkanyiso? Nkanyiso is a 29 years old actor. It’s unknown if he is in a relationship with someone else. We can’t tell or either judge him that he is abusive or violent. It seems like he came from a good family. His character as Njeza came about in 2015 after he moved from KwaZulu-Natal to Johannesburg. He didn’t get the role right way but later on after rejected for sometimes. He started off as Presenter before bagged the role of Njeza. Until now his character still continues.

Patrick Shai

4. Patrick Shai was a South African actor and director. The man once acted as an abusive character on Soul City. It was that time he realized his own real character. A lot of people recognized the guy from different drama series such Ashes to Ashes, Generations, Zone 14, and Zero Tolerance. Actually, Patrick was an abusive husband in real life and it was not just acting. After he was given a role to potrays an abusive character everything changed about him. He watched his own character and was so disgusted and this happened in 1997. Since then he stopped assaulting his wife.

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The interesting thing is that the Patrick’s wife remained silent for a long time. She explained that her husband began verbally abusing her until it was physically. This went on for some time and lead to divorce which was unsuccessfully. The wife tried to report his husband to the police but didn’t want to tarnish his name to the public. We all know that the public considered him perfect or a good man. In 1997, Patrick Shai was a changed man. He became a motivational speaker to man at large even joining organizations. Unfortunately, he committed suicide on 22 January 2022. Her wife found his lifeless body in a car which was parked in the garage. Nobody knows what triggered him to such an extent.

Lehasa Moloi

5. Last but not least we have Lehasa Moloi. He is best known for portraying a character as Wiston on Generations the Legacy. It’s difficult to convince people that he is good man. His character on Generations the Legacy made people to think otherwise. He was violent and cruel. What an obsessed man he was.

Lehasa was born 1987 in Free State, he is married man with kids. Despite being a serial killer in different drama series, he is actually a good person. Judging from their pictures you can see his family is happy. Although pictures doesn’t mean anything, hopefully there is no information about him basically abusing his wife. Unless the woman speaks out, our word remains to be true that he is a good man.