Who is Mzikayise Mkroti? Age, career and CEO?

Mzikayise Mkroti

Mzikayise Mkroti is a South African actor who was born 25 September 1975, age 46 years old. He is best known for portraying character as Fistos on DiepCity. On the Black Door he is known as Nkanyiso.

Biography, age, career, children, wife and Company.

Name: Mzikayise Mkroti
Age: 47 years old (2022)
Date of birth: 25 September 1975
From: Krugersdorp in Gauteng Province
Occupation: Actor and Businessman
Nationality: South African
Gender: Male
Tv shows: DiepCity and The Black Door
Known as: Fistos from DiepCity or Nkanyiso from the Black Door
Children: 3

Personal life history.

Born and bred in Kagiso, Mzikayise Mkroti is South African actor and businessman. His date of birth is on the 25th of September 1975. He was blessed with three children and one of them is called Sisanda.The name of his wife or baby mama is unknown. Definitely there is mother for his children or baby mamas if the children are from different mothers.

Career journey in acting and being CEO of KAM.

Despite its glamour and attraction, the entertainment business is not for the timid; it is a world where dogs fight dogs. Many have been destroyed and ingested by it. In the same vein, it has produced numerous stars and famous people. You must have a strong character in order to succeed in this field.

Kagiso Artist Management is a company that was founded by Mzikayise Makroti and Nomakhosi Matamela (KAM). Actors, singers, voice actors, and other artists are managed by KAM. The West Rand has probably never seen anything like that before.

Mzikayise Mkroti and his daughter

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Mzikayise has a lengthy history in the entertainment business. He is a Kasi theater alum. Additionally, he has appeared in a number of television dramas and soap operas, including Generations, Lock Out, Rhythm City, and the well-known serial Skeem Saam.

KAM was founded in 2016 and currently has more than 50 members. Some of the group’s members have appeared as extras in a variety of television dramas and soap operas. The organization has not yet produced top performers, but they are working diligently to do so and are optimistic that a big break will come soon.

Though still young, the organization is expanding. In Mogale City, it is gradually but surely leaving its mark. It has held workshops for aspiring musicians and artists to help them become ready for the competitive field. Additionally, it has plans to host a lot of workshops in the future.

KAM, which has its headquarters in Kagiso, today manages artists all throughout Gauteng. However, there are no age restrictions on membership, which is available to any South African artists.

He had an appearance in the Diep City Mzansi Magic drama series in 2021. Mzikayise performs the part of Fistos on Diep City.(1)
He received a role to play Nkanyiso in The Black Door in 2022 as well.

Mzikayise Mkroti

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Bonnie is in a relationship with Nkanyiso, and Nkanyiso wants to keep Boniswa unconscious. When he discovers some incriminating information that will expose Mam Ribs, he thinks he has the upper hand, but going against her could prove fatal for him personally. He is walking on unstable ground.