Who is Phindile Gwala’s husband, biography ?

Armando Ngandu and his wife Phindile Gwala

Who is Armando Ngandu? A businessman and model from the Congo named Armando Ngandu resides in South Africa. The business mogul and entertainer was born on June 23, 1984

Biography, age, career, children, wife and net worth.

Name: Armando Ngandu
Age: 38-year-old
Date of birth: 23 March 1984
From: Republic of Congo
Occupation: Model and businessman
Nationality: Congolese
Gender: Male
Spouse: Phindile Gwala
Children: 1

Who is Phindile Gwala’s boyfriend?

A businessman and model from the Congo named Armando Ngandu resides in South Africa. The business mogul and entertainer was born on June 23, 1984. He is married to a well-known actress Phindile Gwala and the couple doesn’t have children yet. Armando Ngandu and Phindile Gwala has children from their previous relationships. Both has one child each from their previous relationship.

He was raised in the DR Republic of Congo and is now a model, athlete, and businessman. Despite coming from a less wealthy background, he worked hard to earn his current status. He recently relocated his entire family from the Congo to South Africa so they could share in his money. In South Africa, where Armando had relocated for professional reasons, he was fortunate to meet Phindile, the woman who would become his wife.

Educational Background

Armando graduated from the Republic of Congo University with a degree in information and technology before relocating to South Africa.

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Armando Ngandu

Career journey of Phindile’s husband.

Armando began working as a server at a neighborhood restaurant after finding no employment in his own country. Armed with his limited knowledge, Armando opened his restaurant and nightclub.
His business did not succeed as he had hoped, and his brother Jason Ngandu extended an invitation for him to go to South Africa. His brother suggested that he try his hand at acting and modeling. He has become one of the most well-known models in the nation because to his perseverance and hard work, and his career is booming.(1)

In 2019, Armando opened his production company, Ngandu Productions, with an emphasis on creating movies, commercials, and media-related jobs. Johannesburg is home to the studio. Shisa Nyama’s company and Phindile Gwala’s car wash are likewise the brainchild of Armando.

The chairman of the Boss Models South Africa agency is Armando. The firm was established to find fresh local talent.
Additionally, he oversees the music career of the internationally acclaimed DJ Arab from the UK. After being named Nickelodeon’s best DJ, Dj Arab just commented on Facebook to thank Armando for being the finest manager to him.


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