Wiseman Zitha

Who is Wiseman Zitha? Age, wife, wedding, and Net worth.

Wiseman Zitha
Wiseman Zitha

Wiseman Zitha is a South African actor, model who was born 30 December 1995. His age is 27 years old as of 2022. Best known as Tshivhenda from Muvhango.

Biography profile of Musa from Giyani: Land of Blood

Name: Wiseman Zitha
Born: 30 December 1995
Age: 27 years old (2022)
From: Limpopo province in South Africa
Occupation: Actor, Model, Social Media Personality and Content creator
Nationality: South African
Home Language: Tsonga
Tv shows: Muvhango
Known as: Tshivenda from Muvhango

Who is Musa in Giyani?

Wiseman Zitha, who played Musa on Giyani, is a South African actor and model. He was born on December 30, 1995, and is 27 years old. His birthplace is in the Limpopo province of South Africa, where he was born. Since he has been acting on Muvhango, his native language is most likely Tsonga or Venda. Wiseman Zitha is a married man.

Educational background

He attended Escola Secundaria da Matola primary school for his elementary education.

Also he pursued a degree in drama at Tshwane University later in his academic career. After finishing his schooling, he relocated to Johannesburg to begin a modeling career. 1


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Career journey

He started modeling for various agencies after receiving an international modeling certificate. Later, he appeared in Giyani Land of Blood on television in an acting capacity. He was assigned the role of Musa in the TV show.

He was in Cape Town when he was cast as Musa. So he sent a recording that allowed him to act as Musa.

In Muvhango, Wiseman also portrayed Tshivenda. More acting possibilities followed Giyani land of blood’s debut on the program. He also acted on the Rivers.

The Limpopo-born man admitted during an interview with IOL that he attended a school where science was the focus of most of his courses. Zitha eventually decided to pursue art, and he claims that it has not been simple for him to work in the entertainment industry.

Wiseman Zitha

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Who is Wiseman Zitha’s wife?

His wife is Didintle Mollo. The got married and celebrated their white wedding. Wiseman shared their wedding pictures on social media.

Wiseman Zitha Sexuality

Wiseman Zitha’s sexual orientation confused South Africans on social media. Following the posting of pictures of himself and his wife Didintle Mollo in adorable wedding photos, he made social media as noisy as a market.

The well-known Rivers actor posted some of his and his wife’s wedding photos to his Instagram account. This left others wondering if he was gay or heterosexual. He wrote “Love is Beautiful” as the caption.

Wiseman Zitha on Instagram

He is on Instagram underscore
Wiseman Zitha (@wisemanzither) You can found his Instagram photos and videos


Wiseman Zitha Net worth

His net worth is not the same every year. Currently its estimated to $1million since it was estimated to be $500 000 couple of years ago.