Zazi Kunene biography AKA Sindi Smoke and Mirrors.

Zazi Kunene

Zazi Kunene an actress best known as Sindi from Smoke and Mirrors has graced our screen with talent. A lot of people are so curious to know Sindi Smoke and Mirrors biography, age, boyfriend, real name and Instagram. In this article we unpack everything about the actress Sindi from Smoke and Mirrors.

Zazi Kunene biography

Name: Zazi Kunene
Gender: Female
Date of birth: 17 May 1999
Age: 25 years old (2024
Place of birth: Pietermaritzburg in KwaZulu Natal
Nationality: South African
Occupation: Actress and Voice over artist
Language: English and Zulu
Skills: Acting, Dancing and Singing
Known: Sindi Smoke and Mirrors.

Early life of Zazi Kunene

Sindi Smoke and Mirrors real name is Zazi Kunene. She was born and raised in Pietermaritzburg in KwaZulu Natal in South Africa. Her age is 25 years old as of 2023 because she was born in May 17 1999. Zazi native language is Zulu and English is her Second language.

It not yet known if she is the first born or the only child. Information regards his family is unknown. The only family member she post more often is her mother. She loved her so much hence she always brag about her all the time. The only parent missing from her posts is her father. It’s unknown if he is present or has been present throughout her life. Of course she also post about other family members but she doesn’t specify who is who.

One of the reason she loved her mother so much is that she supported her throughout her career. Despite the fact that her mother wanted her to have a stable career. She supported her to pursue her career without interference. After seeing that Zazi loved acting she supported her.

Personal life of Zazi

Sindi from Smoke and Mirrors is in love on the drama but in real life she is single. She doesn’t have a boyfriend. So if you are a suitor, you can try her. I’m kidding 😂.

Zazi has so many talents. She can sing, dance and acting. One of the skill she began with was singing before she ventured into acting.

Zazi Kunene and her mother
Zazi Kunene

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Educational background.

She grew up being bullied because she was stuttering. So her mother transferred her to another school called O’Grandy Drama Academy. Zazi confidence began to become better at that school. This is where she started to fall in love with acting. She then went to study at the University of Witwatersrand. She paused her finals after she got an opportunity to act on Netflix dancing series, Jiva.

Career journey in acting

Before you know her as Sindi from Smoke and Mirrors, she has been there polishing her skill in acting. She started acting in 2007 as King Duncan in Macbeth and it was her first role. Zazi was also part of a dance for Sarafina, a re-enactment by the late Mbongeni Ngema at the University of KwaZulu Natal in 2016. From that dance, she won an award which gave her more confidence to continue with her craft. She won so many roles during the time she was in high school.

After she enrolled to study at University of Witwatersrand, she got an opportunity to act in short film called Ukuvuma at Soweto theatre. Later on in 2019, she was cast in a short film called Moya. After that she appeared in a film called Emlanjeni and also Pinky Pinky where she potrayed a character as a twin. In real life Zazi Kunene doesn’t have a twin sister, it was just acting.

Due to the exposure she got from other roles, she appeared on Netflix in a dancing film called Jiva. Later she was cast in a drama series called Smoke and Mirrors where she potrayed a character as Sindi. A lot of people resonate with her character because she is young and curious.


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Zazi Kunene Instagram

The beautiful actress is on Instagram. She goes by the name Zazi Kunene @zazi.kunene.