4 Scandal actresses who played villain character.

4 Scandal actresses who played villain character.

Since Scandal has began, there were different characters introduced on our screen. Some of the character appeared to be innocent until later we discovered their true character. These are 4 Scandal actresses who played a character as villains on e.tv Scandal.

Dawn Matthews

1. We have Shakira whose real name is Dawn Matthews. She was among the first cast of Scandal actors. Her character was always devious and most of the time was scheming evil. Acting alongside another male villain Daniel Nyathi, they were like a tag team match. They would plan something evil and it would happen. Most viewers hated her character and some they loved her character.

Unfortunately, her character was arrested together with her partner Daniel Nyathi. That was the last time we saw her on our screen. People thought they would see her acting somewhere else but it didn’t happen. She was nowhere to be find. Later on it was reported that she relocated to America with her husband and daughter. And that she also got an American citizen.

Masasa Mbangeni

2. We have Thembeka Shezi whose real name is Masasa Mbangeni. She has her own character which was both evil and deceiving. She would do anything to get what she wants. On another scene, she killed someone just before her wedding. Her husband never knew about it. No one would mess up with Thembeka Shezi.

She was a woman with her own career and stuff but deep down was a devil. Thembeka Shezi was a perfect lier and murderer, She was able to do it professionally. Anyone could believe her. Anyway, her character was killed and that was the end.

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Lusanda Mbane

3. We have Boniswa Langa whose real name is Lusanda Mbane. At first her character was so sweet, you wouldn’t believe that she is capable of anything bad. As soon as her husband died, she started to show her true character. She drugged her own son and killed her husband in an accident. Boniswa was after money that’s why she was killing everyone.

If a person try to let her down, she would find any means to kidnap or kill. She tried to kill her son’s boyfriend. And was responsible for the disappearance of Romeo. It happened that her time was up so it was  discovered that she was responsible for the disappearance of Romeo. After that Romeo’s  mother knew about it and went straight to kill her. Her death was the end of her career on Scandal.

Nolwazi Shange Ngubeni

4. Last but not least, we have Mbali whose real name is Nolwazi Shange. Mbali was very nice person when she was introduced to us on Television. The fact that she could not give birth led her to do the unspeakable. She lost several pregnancy due to miscarriage. To made things worse her mother once mocked her about her barrenness. So she decided to allow her sister to carry her baby without consulting her husband.

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Anyway to cut the story short, Since then Mbali has been lying about everything. Even before the pregnancy issue, she lied about her family. Until today she still the Queen of lies. Nobody knows when her character will end and how? It’s now boring viewers how she keeps on lying and manipulating everyone.