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Skeem Saam actors who started acting at young age.

Skeem Saam
Pretty,Tbose and Eunice

Skeem Saam actors who started acting at young age.

Skeem Saam is television show which is based on youth and education. Since it started in 2011, there are young people who started acting since it was created. Skeem Saam today has become the best youth based television series. So these are some of Skeem Saam actors who started acting at young age since it was created.

• Clement Maosa who is well known as Kwaito began acting on Skeem Saam in 2011. 1 He started acting from season 1 until today season 11. It has been 12 years since his character was introduced on Television.

The character of Kwaito began as a teenager from high school and until he enrolled to study at the University. Kwaito  is now a qualified teacher at Turfloop High School. It’s amazing how viewers witnessed his character growing up. It seems so real although it’s acting. Kwaito is still acting on Skeem Saam until today in 2023. We might witness him getting married even having kids . We can’t wait for such a storyline.

• Patrick Seleka is South African Actor best known as Katlego or Kat on Skeem Saam. He also started playing the character of Katlego from season 1 until season 11. His life journey was not simple, he went through a lot. Some of the challenges he went through includes racism and financial crisis.

Those who have been watching Skeem Saam when it’s started can testify the way Katlego grew up on the drama. The most touching storyline was when he was being discriminated as a chef. Most viewers were touched by the scene. It’s very sensitive issue in South Africa because of the history of racism. Until today, Katlego’s character is continuing .

• Mogau Motlatswi is South African actress who is well known for portraying a character as Mapitsi Magongwa on Skeem Saam. She has been on Skeem Saam since it started in 2011 until today. She was a student at Turfloop High School. Now she has grown up and even working. She also got married to her bàby daddy Thabo Maputla or Tbose.

It’s amazing to see them grow on our screen. Her relationship with her baby daddy Tbose was quite a journey. They ended up having a white wedding. That was amazing. Now we are looking forward to see her storyline until she becomes magogo. It’s possible 🤣🤣

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Skeem Saam

• Lerato Marabe is also one of the Skeem Saam actors with latest episodes of her love story. She began acting long time ago from the age of 11. Since then she never stop blessing us with her character. She grew up on our screen. From being kid, going to high school, and having a boyfriend.

Her love story with Lehasa inspired a lot of people. They love each other so much despite going through a lot. Recently she got engaged by Lehasa but she rejected the proposal. It’s heartbreaking for those who thinks Pretty and Lehasa are meant to be together. Pretty’s character is still growing stronger than before.

• Oratile Maitisa is one of the young actor who started acting with Skeem Saam long time ago. She was 13 years old when she appeared on our screen. On Skeem Saam she is portraying a character as Eunice. Her character came a long way.

Eunice was in a relationship with Fanie on Skeem Saam. Fanie passed away and left her with some millions of money. Instead of saving the money, Eunice just blew it. She was buying a alcohol for her friends and spend it on unnecessary stuff.

• Lesego Marakalla is South African actress who was well known as Rachel Kanutu on Skeem Saam. She acted for almost 8 years. Viewers witnessed her from high school and when she started dating older man. At the end, she got married to one of old man. Her character convinced viewers that they ended up thinking she was dating older man in real life.

In 2020, she left acting  because she was pursuing another career at the University. So it was difficult for her to juggle acting and school at the same time. After sometime being offscreen she came back on Television in another drama series, Generations the Legacy. Currently she is acting on Generations the Legacy.

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Skeem Saam actors who started acting at young age

• Amanda Manku is a South African actress who is well known for portraying a character as Lizzy on Skeem Saam. She joined the show in July 2013 and portrays the character of Elizabeth Thobakgale. The actress’s acting talent is more than incredible; she is the reason most people still watch the soap opera and the fact that she’s been on the show for close to a decade shows she is an asset indeed.

Until today she is still acting and she is qualified Doctor. Acting alongside her mother Principal Thobakgale. Their storyline has been developing since Skeem Saam started. We are growing up with them

• Last but not least is Kea Leburu who joined Skeem Saam from season 3 until season 11.She is portraying a character as Bontle.