Fans of ‘The Wife’ react angrily to Gaisang Noge’s casting as Naledi.

Gaisang Noge as Naledi on the Wife

Gaisang Noge, who starred in ‘House of Zwide,’ has joined the cast of ‘The Wife’ season three as Qhawe’s wife, Naledi Zulu.

Gaisang Noge, who plays Mampho in House of Zwide, has been revealed as Naledi, Qhawe Zulu’s wife in season three of The Wife. It’s Noge’s first day on the set of a Showmax Original telenovela based on the bestselling novels of Dudu Busani-Dube.

Although the actress is excited about her role on the show, fans on social media reacted angrily. Most people had read the book and they know their character. Fans are angry that the character of Gaisang does not fit the character described in the novel. They are saying Dr Naledi was supposed to be thick.

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Noge explained her character on the wife

The actress explains that she has a friendship with Kwenzo, who plays Qhawe, and that he has been very nice and helpful in supporting her with all things Naledi and Qhawe.

She was apprehensive about applying for the part because she adored Naledi’s gentle and loving personality.

Naledi freely displays her love and isn’t scared to open out her heart to others.

Noge adds that she felt compelled to take on the role because it already existed and people adored her.

She read the books as well and gleaned a lot from them: the essence of who she is, her demeanor, and the things she does.

Because that’s what Naledi does, I started wearing nude nail polish.

Naledi and her love interest on the Wife



“They going to ruin Naledi and Qhawe’s love story. I can just tell.”


“They ruined it already when they made him sleep with Hlomu.”


“Totally agree with that. The twist is just too much and having to align to this book will be difficult but all the books have been ruined anyway.”


“Lol so she was supposed to gain weight first?”

“If she did you would still say in the book she used to wear size five shoes, or she had a small nose.”

“You are always waiting to criticise something.”


“I am just going to be happy that Naledi is here, that was my favourite love story.”

“Hope her sisters, father and stepmother also come alive in the series.”

“I wonder if the chubbiness has been removed. Congratulations and welcome to Naledi”