South African actresses who are lesbians.

Mandisa Nduna and Ziqubu Thishiwe

These are South African actresses who are lesbians, some of them you cannot notice but for some of them its obvious.

Number 1 South African Actress

Nomsa Buthelezi and her girlfriend

We have Nomsa Buthelezi who is a South African actress and television presenter. She is well known for acting on Abo Mozala, Isibaya and Lockdown. She revealed her sexuality during the time when she was a presenter on The Perfect Wedding.

After a couple of month she married the love of her life Zandile Shezi. It has not been easy for her being a Lesbian because some were criticized them. In 2021, she wrote on her Instagram about how some people were being homophobic.

Number 2

Letoya Makhene and her girlfriend

We have Letoya Makhene who is an actress, singer and sangoma by profession. She is well known for acting on Generations the legacy as Tshidi.

Letoya has 4 children from her previous marriage. Currently she is married to Lebo Keswa, a businesswoman. The two got married in 2021. They love each other so much.

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Number 3 South African Actress

Tina Redman

We have Tina Redman who is a South African Actress. She is also a Lesbian in real life. Many people doesn’t know about her sexuality because she is acting a role as a lady.

The actress is attracted to women for real. Even they way she dresses when offscreen is obvious that she is a Lesbian.

Number 4

Mandisa Nduna

We have Mandisa Nduna who is an actress and Hip pop singer. Mandisa is obviously a Lesbian, just by looking at her you can see. She prefer to dress like a man and she was dating Ziqubu Thishiwe. Unfortunately their relationship ended.

So far there is a no information about her dating anyone else.

Number 5

Simphiwe Dana and her girlfriend

We have Simphiwe Dana who is Musician and actress. She has two kids from her previous relationship. After rumours spreads about her being Lesbian she then revealed she is a Lesbian.

She then revealed that she was dating Phumeza Matshikiza. The two got engaged.

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Number 6

Mpumi Mthombeni and her girlfriend

We have Mpumi Mthombeni who is South African Actress. She is well known for acting on Durban Gen as Agatha. In real life she is a Lesbian. Recently she revealed her girlfriend on Twitter after posting some pictures.

It’s not obvious that she is a Lesbian because her character on the Television potrays a woman.

Number 7

Ziqubu Thishiwe and her girlfriend Mandisa Nduna

We have Ziqubu Thishiwe who is a South African Actress and Director. She is the ex girlfriend of Mandisa Nduna. The couple were everyone’s favourite couple but unfortunately their relationship came to an end.