The Wife’s tlof tlof scene with Mondli Makhoba and Khanyi Mbau becomes viral.

The Wife
Mondli Makhoba and Khanyi Mbau

The Wife has been a popular issue since its premiere, and its engaging storyline has broken all records.

The Wife  Showmax series is supposed to be an adaptation of Dudu Busani’s book, and fans were eager to see the characters come to life. But it all fell hollow as the series’ storyline took a very unexpected turn.

This week’s programs featured something viewers haven’t seen on local television before: fire s*x sequences. Nkosana and Zandile, played by Mondli Makhoba and Khanyi Mbau, and their love story are the focus of Season 2 of The Wife.

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We witnessed the relationship between Zandile and Nkosana when it initially began off, as well as the way he talks to her, which is really warm and affectionate. That’s exactly what Khanyi Mbau had in mind.

The love is still there, but fans are disappointed by the plot, especially given Khanyi’s former jail buddies’ desire to spice things up.

The bedroom scene between Nkosana and Zandile, in particular, stood out because no other local production had attempted to provide audiences with such R-Rated content.

Watch the video here