How Hungani Ndlovu and Stephanie miscarriage happened?

Hungani Ndlovu and Stephanie Sandows

Although it happened sometime ago, they decided to share how they lost their still born baby.

Most people recognized Hungani Ndlovu as Romeo and Stephanie Sandows as Ingrid. They are former actors on Scandal. We all know how they used to perform on our screen, they were good especially Romeo.

Taking to social media, they shared the news about their miscarriage. The news was shared on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. Here is the full detailed information about their miscarriage which was shared through YouTube.

What happened?

In 2020, Stephanie Sandows known as Ingrid took her pregnant test. The test came out positive and it was 2-3 weeks. She was so excited and decided to surprise her husband by showing him the results. After her husband saw the results, he was also excited to be the father. They also shared the news to friends and family.


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Stephanie also found out that her husband sister was also pregnant. It was so amazing feeling for both of them. They both shared the news of being pregnant.

So another day Stephanie went for check up to a gynecologist. Upon arrive she set up her video camera when she was checked, sadly the gynecologist broke the news that there was no baby. She tried to copy and be strong.

Her gynecologist told her that there was no baby but it was a Anembryonic pregnancy.
‘A blighted ovum. also called an anembryonic pregnancy, occurs when an early embryo never develops or stops developing. is resorbed and leaves an empty gestational sac. The reason this occurs is often unknown, but it may be due to chromosomal abnormalities in the fertilized egg.’

After that she was given medication that was going to clean the womb. At first it was suggested that she go for surgery to remove the staff inside but the gyne gave her medication instead. The pills were to abort the dirty staff in the womb.

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The traumatized experience

She took the medication and it started to do its magic. The pain she felt was unexplainable and her husband couldn’t do anything to help. She lost a lot of blood.

After that she seems to be fine until one day when she started bleeding again. The medication given didn’t clean properly so she went to the gynecologist who didn’t even help her. So they decided to went to another gynecologist who helped them and she went for surgery.

SiƱce from then she recovered very well but the trauma remained. Even her husband was also traumatized to witnessed the whole miscarriage. They decided to go for therapy which assist them so much to deal with their miscarriage.