Cindy Magidimisa biography: age, baby, married, pictures, Instagram and Net worth.

Cindy Magidimisa
Cindy Magidimisa

Cindy Magidimisa who is known as Sharon from Muvhango was born 21 April 1991. She is 31 years old as of 2022.

Biography profile of Shaz from Muvhango

Name: Cindy Magidimisa
Born: 21 April 1991
Age: 31 years old (2022)
From: Limpopo province in South Africa
Occupation: Actress
Nationality: South African
Tv shows: Muvhango on SABC 2
Known as: Sharon from Muvhango

Personal life history Shaz from Muvhango

Sharon on Muvhango real name is Cindy Magidimisa. She was born in Limpopo on the 21 April 1991, age 31 years old. Little is known about her early years and romantic relationships. However, we are aware that the celebrity adheres to her religious beliefs because she routinely shares biblical verses on her social media profiles.

Career journey in acting

In 2016, Candy debuted as Mpho’s (Chief Azwindini’s wife) friend “Shaz or Sharon” on Muvhango. She joined the soap opera among actors who were making a comeback, such as Azwi Rambuda, Pandelani Mulaudzi, and Ndivhuwo Mudau. The four women were going to make the other women in the village green with envy and wreak havoc.
“We are coming in as the ‘Kardashians of ” they said

Cindy Magidimisa

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Candy represents the Audi brand in Polokwane, Limpopo. As a result, she was given an Audi A3 in February 2021, thus making her a true spokesperson of the Audi brand. “Today I received this adorable baby as a present from Audi Polokwane. I am a part of this family. | Here is to an amazing journey with @polokwaneaudi #AudiCentrePolokwane,’ she wrote on Instagram.

Cindy Magidimisa experience with cyberbullying

In 2021, she experienced online bullying from people who used her as a meme. However, she overcame the darkness by creating a meme album and reposting all of those memes, giving those who experience cyberbullying the confidence to laugh at their own flaws and imperfections. Any hurtful joke made about a person is less painful as a result. It weakens the bully, according to Candy.

Cindy Magidimisa
Cindy Magidimisa

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Cindy Magidimisa baby and married.

She has no baby so far and is not yet married. What she considered her baby is her new car which she bought for herself. She caption it on her Instagram ” I call her a miracle baby. Better days God is faithful”

Cindy Magidimisa Instagram

She has an Instagram where she post pictures about herself. The name is Cindy Magidimisa Instagram.

Cindy Magidimisa pictures

Cindy Magidimisa Net worth

Since her she is still an upcoming actress. Her net worth is not yet known and still to be updated.