Lehlohonolo Moloi

Lehlohonolo Moloi biography, age, real name, identity, and career.

Lehlohonolo Moloi
Lehlohonolo Moloi

An upcoming actress who potrayed a character as Warona is a good actor. Her real name is Lehlohonolo Moloi she was born in Johannesburg, South Africa. Without wasting anytime let’s find out about her age, identity, lesbian and career.

Biography of Lehlohonolo Moloi

Name: Lehlohonolo Moloi
Age: 22 years old.
Date of birth: December 2002
Place of birth: Johannesburg in South Africa
Occupation: Actress, Influencer, Model and Tik toker
Nationality: South African
Gender: Female
Known as: Warona from Nikiwe
TV shows: Nikiwe on e.tv
Instagram: @lavish_nolo

Early life

Lehlohonolo Moloi is a South African actress, Influencer, model and Tik toker. The actress was born in 2002 in December. The actual date she was born is unknown. She can speak Zulu, Tswana and English. In 2023, Lehlohonolo celebrated her 21st birthday with family and friends. The theme of the birthday party was decorated in her favourite colour black. Even the cake was black. The parent that is present in her life is her mother. It’s unknown if her father is also present since she never mentioned him.

Educational background

Lehlohonolo Moloi attended primary and high school. The name of the schools is not available for now. There is no information if she is going to University or College at the moment.

Is Warona from Nikiwe a Lesbian ?

The identity of Lehlohonolo Moloi is a Lesbian. This happened when she was in high school. She started by dating boys until she discovered that she was attracted to girls. Lehlohonolo discovered that she was attracted to girls when she was in grade 8. She hide it until when she was in grade 10. In grade 10 she was very sure that she was interested in girls. She kept it a secret until grade 12 when she turned to be a gay. After matric she came out to the public about her identity as a Lesbian. She embraced it and is not ashamed like before.

Lehlohonolo Moloi
Lehlohonolo Moloi

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Career journey in acting

She is very passionate about acting. Besides being interested in acting she is also interested to be a salesperson.

How did she get into acting industry?  Moloi was introduced into acting by her mother. Her mother was also background actor so she heard that on Nikiwe they wanted a character of a 16 year old girl. As you can see she looks like a sweet 16 although she is old. So she sent her portfolio to the acting agency. Immediately they were impressed by her profile and chosen for the role.

Warona from Nikiwe

She presently plays Warona on the television soap opera Nikiwe. She plays Mandisa’s buddy, known as Slindokuhle Tshabalala. Lehlohonolo Moloi plays Warona, Skeitla’s daughter, in Nikiwe. She speaks candidly, is gorgeous, and intelligent.

Lehlohonolo explained that she is different from the character of Warona. She said that Warona is interested in boys while Lehlohonolo doesn’t. Also Warona is an indoor person while Lehlohonolo is wild and outgoing.

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Lehlohonolo Moloi

Personal life

Does Warona from Nikiwe has boyfriend? Lehlohonolo Moloi who plays Warona from Nikiwe doesn’t have a boyfriend. She is dating another girl whom she loved so much. We can say she has a girlfriend.