Nduduzo Khowa

Nduduzo Khowa biography AKA Raphael on Uzalo.

Nduduzo Khowa
Nduduzo Khowa

Nduduzo Khowa is a South African actor known for acting on Uzalo as Raphael. He was born 3 December.

Biography profile of Raphael from Uzalo

Name: Nduduzo Khowa

Born: 3 December

Age: Unknown

From: Durban, KwaZulu Natal

Nationality: South African

Occupation: Actor and MC

Gender: Male

Known as: Raphael on Uzalo

Tv shows: Uzalo on SABC 1

Personal life history of Raphael from Uzalo

Nduduzo Khowa is a South African actor who was born 3 December. He is an Evangelist in real life despite his gangsterism character on Uzalo.


His first appearance on Television was on Uzalo. On Uzalo, he potrays a character as Raphael. Raphael is ganster who steal cars and sells them. They do not work together with Nkunzi but are doing the same job.

The character he got from Uzalo made him known in the entertainment industry. With so many people hate his character, this might open new opportunity for him in his acting career.

Nduduzo Khowa
Nduduzo Khowa and his wife

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Nduduzo Khowa, a television star, is working on a cartoon series that would honor South Africa’s struggle heroes and educate children about the country’s history.

Khowa, who portrays Raphael in SABC 1’s telenovela Uzalo, explained that the series, titled the Big 5 of Azania, is about superheroes from various ethnic backgrounds who are united by a common purpose of battling injustice.

He explained that during the struggle heroes’ journey, they come across other long-forgotten Azania heroes who battled for the country’s liberty and whose deeds have been forgotten.

Nduduzo Khowa

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Raphael from Uzalo

The SABC 1 soap opera Uzalo’s viewers would be startled to learn that actor Nduduzo Khowa, who plays Raphael, is actually an evangelist in real life while portraying a hard-core mobster in the show.

In reality, Nduduzo is a Christian who works as an evangelist at the Holiness Union Church in Umlazi. However, the actor is suffering in real life as a result of his portrayal of Raphael on Uzalo.

Some people are having problems distinguishing him from his role on Uzalo because of his excellent portrayal of a hardened mobster. When people come across Nduduzo, they yell at him and accuse him of being a thug, according to Nduduzo.

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Even worse, some of these occurrences happen when the Uzalo actor is on his way to church to preach and minister to the congregation. Nduduzo informed the web site Daily Sun about how some people picture a notorious gangster anytime they come across him.