William Lehong

William Lehong biography, age, career, wife, married, twin brother, and sexuality

William Lehong
William Lehong

William Lehong was born 9 March 1980, age 42 years old as of 2022.

Biography profile of Lehong

Name: William Lehong

Born: 9 March 1980

Age: 42 years old (2022)

From: Katlehong, Rand in South Africa

Occupation: Radio DJ, MC, Music producer, Voice over artist, creative director and Media personality.

Nationality: South African

Education: Vaal University of Technology

Tv shows: The Morning Show and Enca

Nickname: The Black Chinese Guy

Personal life history

On March 9th, 1980, William Lehong, media personality was born. He was born and raised in Katlehong, a township east of Johannesburg, South Africa. His granddad is the name of the now-famous radio personality.

Some of his white classmates dubbed him “The Black Chinese Guy” when he was in elementary school. Because of his surname, they assumed he was a Chinese national.

Lehong comes from a musical household. For example, he grew up seeing his mother conduct several Johannesburg school choirs. From a young age, he developed a specific fondness for electronic music as a result of his exposure.

He had mastered how to play the guitar on his own by the age of twelve. He had made up his mind to pursue music by the time he was 21 years old.

William Lehong
William Lehong at Enca

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Background in Education

Lehong is a Vaal University of Technology graduate. He earned a Bachelor of Technology in Electrical and Electronics Engineering, or BTech. He received his diploma from the institution in 2004.

He enrolled in a radio and television school at On Cue Communications two years later. Surprisingly, the course has assisted him in obtaining a number of respectable career possibilities in South Africa’s prominent media firms.

William Lehong

Career journey

Lehong joined respected station Radio 702 in 2007 and then Y-Fm, a young radio station. During his news and sports presentation, this put his name on the lips of young South Africans.

In 2011, William finally got his big break, hosting his ‘The Pyjama Party Weekend Show’ on Metro Fm, one of South Africa’s most popular radio stations. He was hired as a sports anchor by eNCA, a well-known news channel in the country, later that year.

William is the founder and creative Director of Lehong Media Communications, and has been dubbed a “Mogul in the Making.” The Lehong brand is a formidable force to be reckoned with, and there’s no telling what the future holds for it.

William Lehong father and mother

His mother and father split many years ago and afterwards remarried. His father, on the other hand, has always been there for him. When asked about parenting, the actor used his daughter’s bond to convey how close he was to his father as a child.

His parents and grandparents, especially his mother, have been generally supportive of his career. His mother encouraged him to pursue music. In certain cases, he has praised his mother by posting images of her on various social media channels.

William Lehong Sexuality

Are the gay allegations about William Lehong true? Well, he’s never made a public statement about it. Because some of his posts include a rainbow emoji, some people presume he supports LGBTQ rights. It’s also worth mentioning that he has a daughter, Odwa, whom he adores.

William Lehong siblings and twin brother

He is not his family’s only kid; he has younger siblings whose identities are unknown. He frequently shares images of his sister and mother on social media. What is William Lehong’s brother’s name? The gender of his other siblings, on the other hand, is difficult to determine. Also, the stories about William Lehong’s twins are untrue. The rumors began when a video of him and someone who looked just like him appeared on YouTube.

William Lehong marriage, wife and children

There is no information about him being married. He has daughter whom he love so dearly. So far he has not yet revealed his wife or partner. Definitely there is a baby mama or wife for his daughter.